Coleus forskohlii opiniones

Coleus forskohlii opiniones


Any time is a good time to make the wise decision, in case of excess, to lose weight and start taking care of yourself, improving your eating habits and including daily physical activity as part of an overall strategy for a healthy lifestyle.  But this premise, when it comes to putting it into practice, is not easy. That’s why getting extra help to facilitate this health goal is always a wise decision.  The SLM System supplement is a unique combination of plant extracts and effective nutrients that work in synergy to help you mobilize the accumulated fat and its subsequent combustion while maintaining muscle mass. At the same time, it helps you control your appetite, maintains vital energy and helps you eliminate everything your body does not need.  Weight loss is much more than just the data on the scales, it is a question of health.

The interesting thing from a health point of view is to lose weight at the expense of fat mass and that this loss remains stable over time, helping to avoid the rebound effect and maintaining adequate levels of nutrients and energy.

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For you, if you are interested in supporting cellular energy, metabolism and heart healthThe forskolin formula can:Forskolin is a compound extracted from Coleus forskohlii that may help activate an enzyme that increases cAMP, which is crucial for healthy cellular function.

Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsuleDose per container 60Composition per servingColeus forskohlii extract (root) [standardized to 10% forskolin (10 mg)]100 mgOther ingredients: rice flour, vegetable cellulose (capsule), maltodextrin, vegetable stearate.Posology and directions for useWarnings

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As a mechanism of action, Coleus forskohlii has been documented to increase the rate of lipolysis – the metabolism of fats – through the increase of adenosine monophosphate (cAMP); it achieves this using non-hormonal mechanisms (4-7). In addition, forskolin directly activates the sensitivity of the hormone lipase, a fat-degrading enzyme, through protein kinase phosphorylation, leading to increased lipid destruction and release of fatty acids (8).

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Obesity is an important factor that can lead to the development of metabolic syndrome (10-12). Metabolic syndrome poses a major health risk for the development of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes mellitus; this is leading to an increasing search for effective therapeutic approaches to control it. Most people affected by this syndrome are obese, so treatment is mainly focused on weight reduction (13-15).

There are human clinical studies showing that supplementation with Coleus forskohlii is favorable in changing the proportion of fat present in the body. Godard et al. found a significant reduction in the percentage of fat in obese men after 12 weeks of treatment with an extract of this plant (16). Similar results were found in a clinical trial in obese women and in men and women with an adequate body mass index (BMI 24.92+ – 0.87 (24)) (17).

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