Tabla de series running

Tabla de series running

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The rate of functionality of roller training is much higher than a session on the road. Let’s assume that a cyclist has 2 hours every day, which some would like to have for themselves. Especially those who can’t go out in the sunlight and have to train at home. If you deduct the time it takes him to get in and out of the city, stopping at traffic lights, crossroads and other traps, the time he stops pedaling on the downhills, the time he spends riding with someone else, if he takes the air he can’t keep his cadence and his pulse is not controlled, if he has hills his heart rate goes out of control, etc., etc., etc. These circumstances do not occur in a session of rollers and therefore, an hour of rolling is generally equivalent to more than an hour on the road.

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Of course, it is hard to keep your heart rate up, especially when you have to ride at a high heart rate. In any case, general conditioning becomes more difficult because there are hardly any variations in pace, especially in the first few weeks.

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Surely you have heard some time the importance of training series in running to be faster in the race and improve your personal bests. But maybe you are not clear about what it is, how to do series running or how you can implement them in your training plan. In this post we explain everything you need to know about how to improve your speed, your running pace and even your endurance through series training for running.

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The first thing you should know is that there are three phases or training zones in endurance sports. Depending on the intensity of the exercise you are performing, you will find yourself with higher percentages of work in one phase or another.

Table 1: Physiological phases of endurance training and their relationship with % VO2max and RPE. Own elaboration based on the Skinner and McLellan (1980) three-phase model adapted from López et al. (2013)1.

In principle, VO2max is the most accurate way of assessing the intensity produced by a given effort, since it provides information on a person’s aerobic capacity and efficiency. However, it requires expensive equipment to measure it.

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Cisco is a global company located in the United States and whose objective is the manufacture, sale, maintenance and management of consulting related to telecommunications infrastructure. It is responsible for the management of communication environments where there are devices of different types such as routers, firewalls, IP telephony or storage issues. When we work with the own management of these devices, we need means so that we can take care of their management ourselves. Thanks to show Cisco we will be able to see the different information of our router in a simple way by means of commands such as show running-config or show interface brief.  One of the most manageable and widespread devices in telecommunications environments is the Cisco router due to its great usefulness. For a good network to be sustained, we must manage it in the best possible way, detecting failures and applying the corresponding solutions. In networks it is common to do this maintenance through commands and that is why today we will see a list of them to solve things like what command is used to check the status of the switch interfaces.

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